Saturday, 11 October 2008

10th October : Oxford to Portsmouth

What was planned to be a short day actually turned out to be a very long day with an early start. At 7.30am I had an interview with BBC Radio Oxford.

Then I took the Tuc Tuc to visit one of our main sponsor Eurocopter UK. I was shown around factory by David Lewis and Matt Fincham [Chairman Area 50]. There were some very sexy looking helicopters (see photo) in their outdoor 'showroom.'

Then off to Thames Valley & Chiltern Air Ambulance Station at RAF Benson where I was met by Carl Undery. I was taken to see the Eurocopter I had last seen in July when it was launched at the Ferrari Day. This time I got to see where it was made also, thus making us old friends!

At 2.30pm set off to Kent,Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance at Dunsfold, where I presented the cheque from Stains Round Table. Since this is where Gear is filmed here I took the Tuc Tuc around the Top Gear Track. "How fast we could get in our reasonably priced Tuc Tuc?!?" I wonder if "The Stig" is as fast as me? Come on Top Gear, I challenge you!

See my two videos on YouTube:

Then to see just how fast we were at a standing start we had a little race with a Mercedes (final pic).

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